STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 September 2012

Late Start to A Paper Filled Tuesday

Thanks to our friend over at The Theropod Archive we have two places the original naming paper can be found for Bambiraptor. Scroll up just a teensy bit from this link, looking under Burnham et al., and you can find it rather quickly. I do have to say, though, that typically, as of late at least, links to Currie's PDF's on his homepage at the University of Alberta have been outdated or completely erased, so my advice is to go with the top PDF rather than the bottom one. Since I am running later than usual today I have not had time to read over it, but I am hoping to be able to this evening so I can discuss it in some detail tomorrow (I also have a test to study for and papers to grade, so it should be a fun filled day). Another paper I want to find time to read, also by Burnham, is hosted by the University of Kansas and is about, as Burnham's title states, Maniraptoran "Dinosaurs." Burnham's quotations are what make it of interest to me because they indicate, obviously I feel, that he is going to say something about the clade being, more than likely, much more avian than reptilian and I'm wondering if he may pose a separate evolutionary track. I just hope I have time to read it sometime soon. Taylor and Francis, hosting the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, which you have to subscribe to or buy per article, have a hosted paper on comparison of forelimbs of Deinonychus and Bambiraptor by Phil Senter published in 2010. The abstract looks a little technical so I imagine the article itself is a bit specialized, but I'll give a look-see sometime soon, though I will not be writing anything about it within the next 24 hours for sure.

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