STL Science Center

STL Science Center

13 September 2012

Life at the Popular Watering Hole

Being bizarre works for Amargasaurus. It works so much that there are toys, PBS shows (as well as toys based on Dinosaur Train), and even Dinosaur King materials which feature Amargasaurus. In my opinion the kids' shows are more important than most other forms of dinosaur popularity, as I have stated many many times now. The reason for this remains that the children are the future of paleontology. Somewhere some child is taking in all the Amargasaurus materials that the world has to offer- Dinosaur Train, Dinosaur King, toys, coloring, Dinosaur King cards, Dinosaur King video games- and that child is going to grow up wanting to study that mysterious dinosaur. Amargasaurus is not showing up in the kitchen like some other dinosaurs, but it is still making quite an impact on the culture of the world in museums and animatronic shows, for instance. Some day, perhaps, we will learn enough about this dinosaur to make a sure guess about its soft tissue, and maybe some day we will even be lucky enough to find the rarest of the rare in dinosaur skeletons: a mummified Amargasaurus. Until that time, however, our imaginations and scientific information will have to continue to shape the many theories shown in the many adaptations of Amargasaurus in the popular world.

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