STL Science Center

STL Science Center

02 September 2012

Megalosaurs Is Well Known with Children

I said yesterday that any generic bag of plastic dinosaurs usually holds a dinosaur that could certainly be Megalosaurus. That is certainly true. Additionally, there have always been toy dinosaurs that are labeled specifically as Megalosaurus. Typically they have been tail dragging green dinosaurs vaguely reminiscent of Godzilla with short stubby heads full of triangle teeth, but they have become slightly more modernized with the changing view of dinosaurs over the years. Thankfully, however, kids today do not have to rely on just their toys to learn about their dinosaurs. They have internet resources like KidsDinos and Enchanted Learning (complete with a not as awful as usual illustration of Megalosaurus that can be colored) and even Science for Kids has entries on Megalosaurus. Kids can sit down and play or watch Dinosaur King today and potentially see or use their Megalosaurus cards, of which there are three versions. Dinosaur Train, oddly, has not been inclined to add an episode with Megalosaurus. Given that it was the first described dinosaur it is quite odd indeed that the show has not approached the subject. Regardless, there is an awful lot to do today with the children in your life on this Labor Day weekend, if you are in the U.S., or just on this Sunday if you are not.

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