STL Science Center

STL Science Center

20 September 2012

On the Ground or In The Trees

Bambiraptor, whether a ground dwelling or tree living animal, has made its mark in popular culture. This is partly because it was initially found by a teenager and partly because the majority of science agrees that it was a feathered dinosaur. Even as a ground living bird Bambiraptor would be just as interesting to the world as it is as a link between birds and dinosaurs. The fascination with Bambiraptor has created a desire for a number of books geared toward children, teens, and adults as well. There are books of dot-to-dots along side in depth debates about the origins of flight in birds on the list of books which are about or discuss Bambiraptor in detail. Bambiraptor has also made it into the crafting world, and anyone can do these honestly; I built a reindeer a while back from the same website for my classroom at the time. One of its largest impacts, though, has been in the gaming world. It has been created in Spore, like many other dinosaurs, and has also appeared in Zoo Tycoon 2 and Tiny Village. Spore is up to the creator to decide how accurate their animal will be. Zoo Tycoon aims for as much realism as it can fit in. Tiny Village, on the other hand, is a cellphone based game adapted to iphones and Android phones about making a caveman village with prehistoric pets, and the prehistoric animals are fairly whacky looking for the most part. Check each one out:
Zoo Tycoon
Tiny Village images of Bambiraptor

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