STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 October 2012

Children Love Argentinosaurus

KidsDinos has a fact page on Argentinosaurus for us today, that is always a fun time to introduce the kids to the dinosaur for this week. The NHM in London also has a kid friendly Argentinosaurus link. Both are equally good for the kids to use, so visit either or both of them. Arnie the Argentinosaurus is a character from Dinosaur Train, and that means this week there is an episode of a child-friendly television show to watch. If you do not have access to it at home or do not want to wait for the repeats it can be found on Netflix easily enough, but also remember that Dinosaur Train means there are toys out there, and kids can certainly make that connection without any help! In that vein, maybe someone wants to get ready for Christmas and they want an Arnie toy? There are some plush Argentinosaurs as well as durable plastic toys, but for Dinosaur Train related Argentinosaurs there is also a remote controlled Arnie toy. It's a bit more, but there are some kids and some parents that would love that sort of thing. Lastly, the coloring pages that are related to Argentinosaurus. There are actual coloring pages this week. Some are typical sauropods, some are not so correct, and some have silly expressions, but there is a lot available to color today.

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