STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 October 2012

Did You Expect A Video?

The strange nature of the circumstances surrounding the very existence of Bruhathkayosaurus would relegate any video of the creature to a pretty narrow band of genres. Actually, if I were some sort of prolific film-maker a documentary on the history of Bruhathkayosaurus would prove quite interesting. In part its story is very scientific; it was unearthed, described, somewhat accepted into the paleontology community, and even studied a second time, as mentioned on Friday, when it was reassessed as a sauropod instead of as a carnivore. Additionally, the story of the disappearance of the fossils has a very cryptozoological feel to it. It's a mystery that really does need probing into to discover the true past of Bruhathkayosaurus. Here are just a smattering of questions this brings up for me that I would like to, or like to see someone, document on film: 1) How many seasons was this site left exposed to the elements like a roadcut in Kansas? 2) Why were the fossils never packed up, prepped, and moved to a museum? 3) How much rain does it take to "disappear" (to use a mob movie term) a fossil as gigantic as the shin of a Bruhathkayosaurus? 4) Why are there no detailed photographs of the site? (There are some rather blurry very low res photos here, hosted by Mike Taylor.) 5) Why are the only drawings of the bone very much like my cartoon doodles of dinosaurs as opposed to professionally detailed sketches? (Again, Mike Taylor has hosted an image from the original publication here.)

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