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STL Science Center

11 October 2012

Hashing Out A Few More Issues

©Tuomas Koivurinne
Bruhathkayosaurus cannot be left to rest, and that is both bad and good. There are no real popular culture remarks and discussions amongst paleontologists (check these comments from four years ago) even seem tortured and misdirected. It seems as though no one anywhere know anything about this animal. Due to the fact that I cannot get the papers, it seems to beg the question are the papers that supposedly reassigned Bruhathkayosaurus to a sauropod family even really about, in a small apart, that subject at all? Those citations could be completely made up and false too which makes some of the material in entries this week almost as bad as the shoddy workmanship conducted at the dig site for Bruhathkayosaurus. There are no toys, videos, or books dedicated to Bruhathkayosaurus. One book briefly mentions the animal and states that it supposedly weighed between 175-200 tonnes, though even this claim does not agree with the expectations of many, if not most, paleontologists that have dared to discuss the potential weight of this beast. I mentioned before that my old copy of The Dinosauria does not even contain the name Bruhathkayosaurus anywhere in it despite being published four or five years after Yadagiri and Ayyasami's naming paper, but a newer copy (2004) names Bruhathkayosaurus in one spot in the book: under Nomina dubia in the sauropod chapter. Dinosaur Train and Dinosaur King are devoid of mentions of the animal.

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