STL Science Center

STL Science Center

07 October 2012

Keeping Things Real

In the interest of keeping kids in the loop it is always important to present not only the one hundred percent known dinosaurs but also those that might be dubious or are questioned by the scientific community. One problem with that is that the resources we typically share on this page on Sundays are generally not available if the animal is not completely known or understood by science and even tidbits of what I like to share are typically not available at all if the dinosaur is considered to be a false report or ill described by the paleontology community as a whole. As far as this animal is concerned though, I believe it is important for children to look at the animal and to understand why they will never see it in a museum. As adults we can use this as an opportunity to explain to children that not responsibly doing your job, i.e. preserving these fossils before they got washed away by nature, can lead to a lot of trouble and people mistrusting you, amongst other things. You can do this while coloring Steve O'Connor's black and white illustration of Bruhathkayosaurus from the previous day to keep it in context. Either that or you can just have a nice day of coloring, but don't forget Steve probably doesn't want a million of his pictures posted online by young artists!

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