STL Science Center

STL Science Center

15 October 2012

Mapusaurus in Motion

There are a number of videos which mention or show Mapusaurus, but only one actual documentary; though there are admittedly multiple copies of that one documentary floating about on the internet. The documentary in mention is Planet Dinosaur that aired on BBC, and so far to my knowledge not in America (but I do not have cable, so everyone is always welcome to keep me informed!). The program exhibits the pack hunting mentality, not made public by Coria and Currie remember as they favored the idea that the bone bed was a graveyard/animal trap and not an exhibition of pack mentality, of Mapusaurus and shows how this rather large animal could manage to take down even larger prey with another member of its species. Mapusaurus is, of course, almost large enough to take down quite a few of the larger animals of its environment alone including juvenile sized Argentinosaurus, the large animal it is shown taking down as a pack; though that is of course an adult as opposed to the much smaller juveniles. Tribute videos also exist, so those are found at the links in this sentence, but remember those are all still illustrations and photographs.

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