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STL Science Center

28 October 2012

Theropods Are Loved

Few theropods are not featured somewhere in the children's literature, television, toy, or game markets. Theropods are just intriguing for children it seems, or perhaps they are intriguing to toy makers who can use similar molds to bust out similar looking theropods and illustrators in books and television that can use basic lines of models to create somewhat similar dinosaurs. Regardless of the reasons or purposes or purported laziness ( I do not think everyone is that lazy, I am just being a butt about it!), there are plenty of Chirostenotes references in children's faces these days. That is certainly not always a bad thing, especially when it comes to things to color (the illustrator, and I knew this, reminded me that this work was not necessarily intended as a coloring sheet, but how often have I used non-coloring sheets as coloring sheets in this blog?):
©Osvaldo Cort├ęs
I honestly do not know how I could avoid using this piece, with permission of course, as a coloring sheet. It almost looks like it is right out of a coloring book. Remember though kiddos, no posting the finished product online without first talking to the illustrator!

Now, as for other things, there are fact sheets from KidsDinos, our favorite short fact sheet producing website geared for kids, and there are also Dinosaur Train references for Chirostenotes. A word of warning on the KidsDinos page today though; the illustration shown on the page today is much closer to the image of Ornitholestes, and not quite a match for Chirostenotes at all. The model used for Dinosaur Train, and its related toys of course, is based on the scientific illustrations that are now used, so it looks fairly accurate. It can be seen on the associated website or in the episode, which can be found on Netflix, called "A Frill A Minute" which was actually the seventh episode (1st on Netflix's list). The Chirostenotes in question is a bully that lives near the Big Pond that the Pterandon family visits with their Triceratops friend Tank.

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