STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 November 2012

Famous, Not Popular

Diabloceratops is a famous dinosaur for sure. In the past two years since the publication of the book which hosted the initial description paper Diabloceratops has gained a lot of notoriety. Granted this has not translated into a dearth of toys, children's books, games or plush toys, but Diabloceratops is well known. Diabloceratops was, and is, certainly well known enough in the paleontology community alone to be of great importance; typically we think of popular culture as museum displays and trinkets, but with a dinosaur like this "popular culture" for the moment at least is the paleo-community. It is quite popular in that community as a subject of study in terms of Ceratopsid evolution. No major papers have been published, to my knowledge, about the placement of Diabloceratops within the Centrosaurine or Ceratopsid family. I think I may have to look into it though, even though this week is just about over for Diabloceratops.

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