STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 November 2012

Juvenile Achelousaurus for Juvenile Humans

There are a few good resources today. Science for Kids has a small fact page that is child friendly; we always like to see those on a Sunday morning. Additionally, though there is no Dinosaur Train episode which features Achelousaurus, there is a good deal of information and resources associated with Dinosaur King, which has not been true for the past few dinosaurs. Therefore, any young card player that is intrigued by the Dinosaur King slant on the dinosaurs we look at should be happy today. 4KidsTV hosts the episode of Dinosaur King in which Achelousaurus makes its debut as well. I rarely get to find the actual episodes that feature the dinosaurs we are speaking about during any given week when it comes to Dinosaur King (Dinosaur Train is a different story of course) so I am quite happy to be able to share the link to the episode with Achelousaurus. In terms of coloring pages, there are two ways to get pages to color this weekend. One is to draw it yourself, if you are any good at following drawing tutorials; I am terrible at trying to follow those drawing tutorial things. Either that or you can print and color this adaptation of Mariana Ruiz's image shared on Friday:

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