STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 November 2012

Kids and Fluffy Dinosaurs

Microvenator, as shown Friday, appeared to have been a fluffy dinosaur. The downy coat that appeared on Friday was only slightly different from the two feathered forms shown yesterday. I think it would make a good pet, the fluffy version, or at least a good pillow. Anyhow, there are not too many kid friendly links, regardless of the appearance of fluffiness and almost docility that are sometimes depicted in Microvenator. We do not have awful links, though I cannot say that we have fabulous links; we all now the quality that comes with Enchanted Learning dinosaur pictures. This dinosaur is more retro than it is awful though, I have to say. Retro is not bad, it is just... retro. As far as videos for kids go, we have nothing today. We do have ample coloring abilities though, using yesterday's images  actually. I would suggest using Rachel Clark's image though, as it has very good solid lines that lend themselves to coloring images very well.

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