STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 November 2012

Popular Enough For Amateurs

Shapeways model by Adam Doyle
I do not know the whole story with this model, but I think I understand it to have been digitally sculpted and then 3D printed by an amateur dinosaur toy enthusiast; the fact that dinosaur toy enthusiasts can now sculpt and print their own scaled models of dinosaurs says a lot for how expensive quality models are and for how wonderful technology has become. Models like the one to the left are probably still somewhat expensive, in terms of toy models of dinosaurs, but these 3D printings are usually as cheap as the material that is chosen to be sculpted, and could thus be, overall, a lot cheaper for a single toy than a single model at Toy'R'Us where the model is marked up three to four times by the time it gets to the shelf! Regardless, Chirostenotes being popular enough for amateur toy sculptors and enthusiasts to go to the length of creating, ordering, and printing off 3D models is notable. The other major outlets in which we find Chirostenotes have been briefly examined over the week, such as in Dinosaur Train episodes, and has also appeared in some books, though I did mention that those books are typically the much higher reading level books on Sunday when I discussed children's books and how I could not find many, if any, for this animal. Tribute videos exist, as they do for most animals, so that is nothing at all new to our popularity days.

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