STL Science Center

STL Science Center

13 December 2012

Abelisaurus As A Video Game Character

I think this week we have looked at Abelisaurus from a good many angles this week. I saved for today the video game snippets. There are not many popular outlets that we have not touched for Abelisaurus to exploit. As far as dinosaur popularity, though, Abelisaurus has most definitely become one of those dinosaurs that is known but not too well known that we see it everywhere (such as in the way Velociraptor and Triceratops are). Regardless, Abelisaurus has shown up in Spore creations
(notice the not so Abelisaurid-like forearms) and it has also appeared in Dinosaur King games.
 Abelisaurus has become popular enough that it was also modified into Zoo Tycoon. The dinosaurs that have been modded into that game are somewhat few and far between; however, many dinosaurs have been modded into the game so it was not really a unique dinosaur to be in there. It looks fairly generic as well, I have to say, but it is pretty neat that it made it into the modded files of some talented computer modder.

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