STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 December 2012

Digging Into Popular Culture

A contest was held quite some time ago in the Spore forums to recreate an Oryctodromeus, but it does not seem to have happened. Additionally, there is no Dinosaur King episode or card that sports an Oryctodromeus. I think Dinosaur King cards are divided, in much the same way other fantasy games/books/etc. are, into elements and Oryctodromeus would certainly make a good earth related dinosaur what with all the burrowing and such. I am actually quite amazed that this has not yet happened. No cartoons, aside from Dinosaur Train, exist or documentaries with crazy CG dinosaurs running around or anything like that. Toys exist. Dinosaur Train toys were shown earlier in the week. The fact that the first dinosaur to be seen in evidence of burrowing and thus conclusively known to be a burrower is not more popular is quite sad. Perhaps in the near future something will happen that will make Oryctodromeus even more popular. However, popularity is not the only important thing in the world and, in fact, Oryctodromeus is far more than cool enough without being popular, so, therefore, let us just continue to love our burrowing friend without it being popular.

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