STL Science Center

STL Science Center

16 December 2012

Hadrosaurus For The Family

Hadrosaurus brings us back to two of our favored children friendly information sites for dinosaurs; KidsDinos and Science for Kids. It is a little humorous that KidsDinos places Hadrosaurus within a group simply titled "duck-billed dinosaurs." I know that typically Enchanted Learning is considered one of the most horrendous places to find dinosaur likenesses (I honestly do not remember where I read that or I would quote it, but see for yourself what I mean), but they do present themselves as good coloring pages and have information besides, so I still like to share their pages, this week they have one for Hadrosaurus, so that the children have something to color. They can color it online or print it out and color it the old fashioned way (which I prefer). There is also this guy to print out and color:
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