STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 December 2012

Hadrosaurus In The Afternoon

I have two videos showing Hadrosaurus which we can look at and briefly discuss today. The first is of a remounted version of Hadrosaurus at the Academy of Natural Science in Philadelphia. In the same venue that Hawkins mounted the first bipedal dinosaur skeleton cast of Hadrosaurus there has been an adjustment of the display and a remounting to agree with modern theory. It is not too much of an action pose, but it looks much more life-like and much more of what we would expect than Hawkins' version did.
There is also a video that details the history of the Haddonfield site and describes the general site's current status. I really do not believe it needs much more of an introduction than that.
The final video clip I saved is actually a little humorous without intending to be so. It is a walking model of Hadrosaurus in three dimensions. The reason it appears a little humorous is that the legs look very slender and almost unstable. I will let the model do the talking (or walking).

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