STL Science Center

STL Science Center

31 December 2012

Not A Surprising Lack of Movies

Not surprisingly, with a lack of general public awareness and the entire mystery surrounding Amphicoelias, there have not been any fantastic movie, cartoon (as noted yesterday), or computer graphics modelling done with Amphicoelias. Personally, I think that some computer modelling to answer whether or not Amphicoelias could reasonably do this task or another task would be a wonderful thing. Modelling the impact of the feet as Amphicoelias simply walked based on the described dimensions from Cope would be an amazing thing to see. Dinosaur George was asked a question about Amphicoelias two years ago and answered it in a video, but I have not seen anything more in depth from him about it since then. I know more information would be needed than Cope's dimensions to go through with the computer modelling accurately; however, I can dream that it can be done accurately now as much as I can hope that more of the remains are found some day either on purpose or by happy accident.

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