STL Science Center

STL Science Center

20 December 2012

The Everyman's Dinosaur

Hadrosaurus is popular in that everyone knows what a "duck-billed dinosaur" is. It is not so much popular as Hadrosaurus as it is popular for being a Hadrosaur, if you follow my meaning. Whenever anyone thinks of "duck-bill"  they think of an animal that closely resembles what the artistic impression of Hadrosaurus has always been; that lack of a skull not allowing its head to to be diagnostically different from other Hadrosaurs is a real bummer for Hadrosaurus. The Hadrosaurus display that initially made it famous, being the first museum mounted skeleton on the face of the earth, we discussed has been remounted and the exhibit has been entirely rebuilt around it (it was reopened in 2008). Haddonfield, as was noted, is proud of their dinosaur as well. During that 150th anniversary (in 2008) Haddonfield had a pretty big celebration around the town's sculpture along King's Highway. They even had a birthday cake.
As with many other dinosaur Hadrosaurus has also made its mark in the animatronic area of dinosaur display, which is fairly special, given that lacking a skull thing. There are at least three books (this one has a misleading cover) about Hadrosaurus that are aimed at children; one of them is rather rare though so do not expect to go digging that one up at the bargain bin.

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