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STL Science Center

30 December 2012

The Mystery That Eludes Children

The mystery around Amphicoelias is elusive to children. Unfortunately they do not have the resources to join this debate unless they can read the technical specifications of the specimen; that is that they can understand the published Cope paper or follow the encyclopedia/technical blog entries that discuss it. That is not to put down kids, but I am talking about my normal aim on Sundays, the 2-8 year old group, approximately. A 7 year old may be able to read "neural arch" and understand an explanation of it, but it just is not the same as the quick easy to read fact pages that I like to post for younger kids. Really I should get off my "lazy" (I write every morning, go to school, teach, and do a couple other things that take up a lot of time so I consider myself relatively lazy compared to some other people at least in this world) butt and start a child oriented website or blog. Maybe I should start a poll on who thinks I should do that...

Anyhow, back to topic! There are no Amphicoelias websites for children, which is sad. There are also no coloring pages that seem readily available. Strike that, there are a couple of suitable sketches that could be used as coloring pages, but that was not their intended purpose. I have a couple of requests to use artwork here as coloring sheets pending, so check back later today and hopefully I will have updated or at least provided a link. Dinosaur Train and Dinosaur King do not cover the dinosaur, so I have no cartoons to share either. Darren Naish, in two blog entries (one here) used an image from a Jaanese website that proposes new "zoids" for the anime and model kit franchise under the same name. It was aired for a little while back in the late 1990's in America under the titles Zoids and Zoids Sagas, but I cannot say if the image used by Darren Naish and featured on the Japanese site was ever turned into a model or used in the anime. That is, unfortunately, the best cartoon-related information we have for Amphicoelias this week. Just for kicks actually, here is that image from the Naish/Japanese websites:
Update #1 from
His caption: Anonymous request: an Amphicoelias rearing up to munch on some trees.

Since I figured Amphicoelias probably didn't need to rear up if it felt like feeding on a tree (if it even ate from them), I just did this silly thing instead.

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