STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 December 2012

The Tyrannosaur Kids Don't Know

Dryptosaurus has kind of flown under most radars the past 140-ish years. As such, only a handful of professionals and amateur paleo-enthusiasts really truly know what Dryptosaurus was and can imagine it accurately. This is a problem that needs fixing (no need to tell Gary Vecchiarelli) and it needs to start with the youth of the world; as many solutions must. Ask any kid out there for the name of a tyrannosaur and Tyrannosaurus Rex is probably the first and almost only name you will hear. That is not a problem, however, the teacher in me wants the kids to know that there is a whole wide world out there populated by uncles, aunts, distant cousins, and sisters of T. Rex that are just as interesting. Dryptosaurus is one of those relatives and searching as I do on Sundays for adequate kid related materials I have come up with a rather short list of goodies today. Most importantly, I did find a fact sheet that sums up the dinosaur fairly well on Enchanted Learning, and that is a good place to start. Secondly, I found pretty much zero toys/books with which to educate and play with the youngsters, which I find to be most sad. However, the desperate artist in me is placated today by a couple black and whites by Brett Booth on his blog; which has the wonderful subtitle "The Brett Booth Dinosaur Blog, dealing with pointy teeth on bitey things". As with any images online (and because I did not ask Brett specifically this morning to post the images found in posts from September 2012 and October 2010) remind yourself, and loved ones, that you can print out an image and color it in your home, most artists I know are not upset by that idea, but you cannot put someone else's art online without asking (it is never too early to teach a child about respecting another person's ideas and hard work).

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