STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 January 2013

Laugh At The Partial Skeleton

Sometimes, like the angle of that picture of the casting I posted yesterday, you just have to laugh at dinosaurs. For all the ferociousness another angle of that skeleton captured, that angle was just silly looking, ludicrous almost even. On that note, however, I would still probably soil myself if the real animal were lunging at me in that pose rather than laugh at it. The week is never complete without a few good chuckles at toys or books or something that misrepresents our dinosaurs out in the popular world; not every popular culture reference is fantastically accurate, jaw dropping, and awe inspiring. Today, though, I saved a rather, I almost want to say cute, interesting entry from the world of video games that shows what a creative mind can make and place in an electronic world. Unfortunately I cannot find a suitable Zoo Tycoon model, though I know that people have modeled Appalachiosaurus and placed it into their zoos from forum talk and a download available for people with the game (it has a red face and white body, which is weird). The video I want to share today with everyone is a Spore video, which is probably why "cute" is an apt word for this creator's creatures. It could also be because they are living in his world, and not just shown in the creature creator like so many other videos I share from Spore. Enjoy it:

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