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STL Science Center

13 January 2013

Making Your Own Fact Sheet

As to be expected with such a new, rare, and tiny dinosaur, there is no child friendly fact page to simply link to today. Therefore, like last week, I am borrowing from here and there and making my own easy and quick to read fact page for the wee tikes in our lives to glean some quick facts (coloring page material at bottom from Enchanted Learning):


Propanoplosaurus (Greek for "before Panoplosaurus"); pronounced prop-PAN-oh-ploe-SORE-us
marylandicus; meaning from Maryland


Woodlands of eastern North America; discovered in Maryland, US

Historical Period:

Middle Cretaceous (115-110 million years ago)

Size and Weight:

The baby fossil that was discovered is from an animal about one foot long and a few pounds in weight.


Plants (herbivore)

Distinguishing Characteristics:

This baby dinosaur was designed to grow to become an armored adult dinosaur. He or she probably would have had tough bone on its back and head with tough skin covering it and maybe some spikes growing out of its shoulders for more defense. As an adult it would have possibly looked a lot like this:
(On a professional note, let us ignore the Enchanted Learning dinosaur art accuracy for today!)

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