STL Science Center

STL Science Center

15 January 2013

Not Much To Write Home About

The first hatchling dinosaur reported in the Eastern US has had a lot of press coverage in its very short known existence. Press coverage is not scientific scrutiny, however. Thus far only one study has been conducted on the remains, the main study which described and named the new species from the impression of the young nodosaur found in the fossil. Unfortunately, for most, that paper is contained in the Journal of Paleontology and is only available online as an abstract (I am not at school so I cannot check my JSTOR access to it today). I will try to get at it some time later today, but I certainly make no promises because you can never tell what you'll have access to sometimes with JSTOR even when the school says I have access to some articles. Anyhow, the abstract states exactly what we have discussed up to now on here. The only thing that we have not been able to discuss, and I hope to present this tomorrow, are the distinguishing characters discovered in the fossil by the study team that led to the naming of this infant as a new species.

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