STL Science Center

STL Science Center

31 January 2013

Popularity Issues

Astrodon has been the subject of some issues, as we have seen, regarding its name. In Texas as well as in Maryland most of the popularity of this dinosaur comes from the fact that both states were represented by Astrodon (it was Pleurocoelus in Texas until 2009) as official state dinosaurs. Dinosaur Train and Dinosaur King offer us no fun-for-kids cartoons or games this week involving Astrodon and, to this point, I have not found any good toys or stuffed animals. Videos are even sparse; the exception being the episode from Discovery sampled on Monday. If there is ever a consensus reached on the name then that will probably help in adding to the knowledge of this dinosaur by others. Until that time, however, Astrodon will be most popular in Maryland and a few small circles, which is not a terrible thing necessarily. Unfortunately, that probably means no quality toys for a while as well. Joanna Barnum did do a wonderful tattoo design for the animal though that can be purchased as a print on Etsy, so if someone wanted they could carry Astrodon around with them and publicly display it. You could also try to get it tattooed.
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