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STL Science Center

27 January 2013

Starry Teeth For The Kids

Again with the general lack of child related information. I honestly did not expect that in relation to such a well known and interesting sauropod, but I suppose that happens to even the neater animals. Astrodon's info, in "kid level easiness" is outlined below:


Astrodon (Greek for "star tooth"); pronounced AS-tro-don
johnstoni (named for Christopher Johnston, the initial describer of the genus)


Woodlands of eastern North America; specifically Maryland and the middle range of the US

Historical Period:

Early-Middle Cretaceous (120-110 million years ago)

Size and Weight:

About 50 feet long and 20 tons
Approximately 30 feet tall



Distinguishing Characteristics:

Large size; similarity to Brachiosaurus. It may have been related to, or may even be another example of, Pleurocoelus, a sauropod of Texas.

Technically there is no actual coloring page for Astrodon, but, given the differing versions of Astrodon skull illustrations we could either post a somewhat non-descript Brachiosaur or simple sauropod. I have chosen the simple non-descript sauropod for today. As always, I recommend talking with young loved ones as you color this little guy and enjoying your Sunday.
Lisa Bond

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