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17 February 2013

Making A Fact Page

I have to borrow a fact page template from About, as I do sometimes. Strangely, Tylosaurus does not have a fact page on on kid related sites, which is, to me of course, sad and unfortunate. Borrowed and adapted from Bob Strauss' fact page on Tylosaurus.


Tylosaurus (Greek for "knob lizard"); pronounced TIE-low-SORE-us
Multiple species are recognized. These include: T. proriger, T. nepaeolicus,T. kansasensis, T. capensis, T. pembinensis, T. saskatchewanensis


Shallow seas of Central America (by "Central America" the original author of this, Bob Strauss, means the overall area of what was once the Western Interior Seaway).

Historical Period:

Late Cretaceous (85-80 million years ago)

Size and Weight:

Up to 49 feet long and 7 tons


Fish, turtles and other marine reptiles

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Long, sleek body; narrow, well-muscled jaws
Additionally, I have found high quality models, usually at Target, of Tylosaurus. These make good toys, if you have the funds (Amazon distributes Safari Ltd. models for $12). A cheaper Safari model exists but you do get what you pay for. Middle ground is achieved by Safari as well with their TOOB collections that are smaller versions of their higher quality models. Books also exist, the newest being a short Tylosaurus only book, that is a little vague, by Gerry Bailey. Finally, there are a few "coloring sheets" out there. The best, though I will not post them today (no express permission), is the property of Osvaldo Cortes. It would make a wonderful coloring page.

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