STL Science Center

STL Science Center

19 February 2013

Paper Everywhere

Tylosaurus is one of the most studied genera of the Western Interior Seaway. There are papers written about it all over the place and many of them are quite current, or at least recent if the science is not entirely current; I honestly do not have the time to read every single paper on Tylosaurus right now, that is how many are out there. Many of the most recent papers are authored, or at least coauthored by Michael Everhart, who also wrote a very detailed book, Oceans of Kansas, on the parts of the Western Interior Seaway that covered Kansas at different times. A good part of the chapter on mosasaurs in Everhart's book covers Tylosaurus specimens. Anyone with interest in Kansas, the Western Interior Seaway, or mosasaurs really should do themselves the favor of reading his book. My recommendation for reading today, if anyone has a desire to read a particular paper, but cannot pick up the aforementioned book, is to either look through this list here or read this 2005 Everhart article on a new species identified from the Niobrara in Kansas. Also, enjoy this Dan Varner image:

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