STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 February 2013

Tylosaurus Fights?

Most videos that have to do with Tylosaurus, of any species, are speculative fighting videos. What I mean by that is that they are self made videos that theorize battles between Tylosaurus an other marine animals of the Late Cretaceous, whether they were present in the Western Interior Seaway or not. One video is an exhibition of clay model that someone created, which is fairly accurate and pretty neat looking, to be honest. It is not exactly professional toy grade, but it is pretty good for someone just making a clay model of a Tylosaurus for fun. Good old Canada's Courtenay Museum in the Comox Valley of British Columbia put up a short video with Richard Ross, a board member of the museum, announcing and discussing the addition of a Tylosaurus fossil to the Courtenay Museum's collection earlier this year. What follows in the clip are some closeups of the fossil that, for today, are the best video evidence I can share today.

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