STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 March 2013

Carla and Some Kid Friendly Facts

From Wikimedia Commons
There are a few pages that have child friendly facts. I think the most concise and one of the better ones is the National Geographic page dedicated to Cretoxyrhina within their larger Sea Monsters set of pages. There is also the Dinosaur Train "Field Guide" about Cretoxyrhina. The entry exists because there was an episode of Dinosaur Train dedicated to Cretoxyrhina (I am not the only "dinosaur dedicated" science outlet that talks about non-dinosaurians!); that would be episode 38 of season 1 according to the internet but episode 36 of season 1 on Netflix. The size comparison image, which would make a good coloring page if printed out, was placed on Wikimedia by a user called Mononykus, but without a user profile I cannot credit it better than that.

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