STL Science Center

STL Science Center

25 March 2013

Dolly On Film

I made note that Dolichorhynchops appears in a National Geographic special. The model and a bit of motion are portrayed above suing the model with a tiny bit of information tossed in as well. I have yet to see the special (I am admittedly behind the times when it comes to watching television and movies) but I did read the article that was written around the time that the special was released. I even have a related poster from that issue above my desk in my office; it is kind of fitting given that my project is "sea monster" related. The trailer is still on YouTube as well, which is fairly nifty I suppose. I will bet it is safe to say that, despite National Geographic being a little more reputable than, say Dangerous Ltd. (that discussion has been had and discussed enough), there is probably a little bit of showmanship going on in the special that shadows some of the scientific fact. That being said for all of the skeptical adults (or ones that worked on it and know where it went "fishy" that read this), it is geared more toward a younger and less knowledgeable audience. That, as I believe I mentioned not too long ago (Thursday), is not an excuse to teach the wrong thing to the young, but unfortunately movies will be movies until someone makes a change to the whole production process, so we live with what we have for the time being. Also, and I have to put this in today because typically the music in these is awful, here is "tribute" video with a rather interesting musical selection as background. Be wary though, not all of the pictures are actually Dolichorhynchops specimens.

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