STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 April 2013

A Nice Day for Coloring

After a very windy night I am quite happy to say I have quite a few good things to share today. I do not want to go into anatomy today; I know I said a few days this week I may not do the "normal" themed topics of the day. Today is not one of those days. I have quite a few good links and pictures for today. First, let me say that there are quite a few bad links too. The Natural History Museum of London, for instance, has a pretty good set of information, until you get to the specific epithet, which is wrong. It could just be a spelling error, so let us not dwell on it! Another almost awesome fact site is found at The only issue with their facts is that they do not tell the whole story of the discovery, instead using the year of publication as the year of discovery. Putting the two sites together and ignoring the two little mistakes makes for a good collection of facts. Combine those with these two coloring pictures and you have a good day to explore a new dinosaur with your loved ones:

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