STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 April 2013

Fun with Art Snippets

Staurikosaurus, the Triassic dinosaur, is, as we noted, somewhat popular. That has led to a couple "tribute" videos as well as some video game references. As usual, not every single image in the tribute videos that pop up from time to time on the internet are carefully reviewed and are therefore not certainly the dinosaur in question. However, given that a good amount of skeletal material is missing from the discovered remains the illustrated versions of this dinosaur are, as we have seen, highly open to interpretation by the artist in terms of the exact reconstruction of those missing elements of the skeleton. That, then, leads us to these tribute videos that are widely open in their own interpretation of the dinosaur they are showing. There is an amount of fault of the people that create the videos in not finding images of the animal correctly or, worse, accepting every labeled animal they see as an authentic representation of that dinosaur. Some of that incorrectness is always found in these videos, but generally we can look beyond it. Though I know that I have had to edit posts from time to time, it concerns me a little more when these videos are massively incorrect in what they represent because sites like YouTube have such heavy traffic; though we can probably assume that a third of the traffic on the site is directed at a minority of the videos on there. Regardless, it is nice that the video has been posted and has views because it means that someone is interested in Staurikosaurus.

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