STL Science Center

STL Science Center

25 April 2013

Panoplosaurus the Loved

Japan loves dinosaurs!
Panoplosaurus, as we have seen this week, is quite a loved animal. There are cartoons and mentions in books and many other places. Why, then, is it not as readily distinguishable from other dinosaurs like its cousin Ankylosaurus? I shared the crochet patterns and many different information sources and I made note that Panoplosaurus is discussed in many different books. With all of these different resources surely we should have a more automatic reaction to a picture of Panoplosaurus or a more ready identification at least of the animal. Panoplosaurus is popular enough in the dinosaur continuum that it has appeared in Dinosaur King and was even given away by Nabisco in the past; though it was mentioned to be a species that does not exist. Panoplosaurus has also been popular in museums as it has been displayed all over the country (I do not know about internationally). Not many people really seem to dislike Panoplosaurus though, so it does not come as much of a surprise that it would be on display in so many museums.

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