STL Science Center

STL Science Center

07 April 2013

Some Kids Links

It is really nice outside today, a little windy, but nice. However, until now, I have been locked inside studying (boo studying, yay good test scores!) . I plan on going on a walk soon, but before I do, for those of you stuck inside because it is not nice, or it is nighttime wherever you live, here are some things to do. One is reading a child friendly fact page. It is not so much child friendly in that it is quick facts like I usually find, but the language is a bit easier for a younger audience I think. The name of the site is Dinosaur Jungle. Not a bad name really. You could do a puzzle if this 3-d puzzle was in stock, too bad it does not seem to be. So you can make due reading or perhaps coloring your own (or Zachary Miller's) Gigantspinosaurus drawing. It actually would not be too hard to take this rather simple how to draw stegosaurus tutorial and add some shoulder spikes!

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