STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 April 2013

Systematics and Panoplosaurus

Kenneth Carpenter wrote, a few years ago (1992 was the original publishing year), an article in a text collectively called Dinosaur Systematics: Approaches and Perspectives. The text as Carpenter writes it, though you cannot read it all online, uses Edmontonia and Panoplosaurus as examples for Ankylosaur systematic arguments. Carpenter has published many other writings concerning Ankylosaur systematics as well and discussed Panoplosaurus in many of the articles. Most of his published articles, unfortunately, appear in edited anthologies and are therefore unavailable online. Coombs and Maryanska also discuss Panoplosaurus' anatomy in the original edition of The Dinosauria; the newest edition Ankylosauria section is penned by Vickaryous, Maryanska, and Weishampel and, of course, still mentions Panoplosaurus. Paul's Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs also mentions Panoplosaurus and that it enjoyed forested floodplains, swamps, and marshes. While the cartoon yesterday noted that Tyrannosaurs were the main threat to Panoplosaurus, Paul makes note that the main threats to Panoplosaurus were most likely Daspletosaurus and Albertosaurus. Not many scholarly papers are uniquely geared toward Panoplosaurus, which is okay, but still gives us little to read if we do not own one of these books.

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