STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 April 2013

The Children's Nodosaur

Panoplosaurus is a child-friendly dinosaur. Not only does it look as though it would make a great pet; in the human world this is the sort of dinosaur that would undoubtedly be selectively bred as a lap-dog. Perhaps that is the reason they are so well represented in the child-friendly web pages around the internet. Our favorite child-friendly fact page at Kids Dinos has page set aside with quick facts. Additionally, the coloring page needs of children, and adults, can be taken care of over at Enchanted Learning. As usual, the site allows for online coloring as well as printing the picture and coloring offline; I hate the waste of paper, but I love the feeling of colored pencils, so I am typically torn equally when presented with the option. There is not much in the form of toys/models available for sale, but for our friends that know how to crochet, and I wish I did right now, you can make your own toy Panoplosaurus with these crochet patterns available for purchase. Grandmas usually love knitting and crocheting, not that younger people do not, and they would probably love to make one for you, and with you even, if they know how to do those things!

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