STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 June 2013

Friendly but Terrible

Even if Suchomimus was a fisherman and would not terrorize humans unless they intruded on its territory, it is a terribly vicious looking dinosaur. Suchomimus does, however, have a pretty good amount of popularity and sway with kids, which tends to be the rule rather than the exception when we are talking about the bigger more frightening looking dinosaurs. This popularity has, thankfully, lead to the creation of kid friendly information pages like the ones at Enchanted Learning and KidsDinos. There are some cartoons, some models/toys, and a multitude of books mention and/or discuss Suchomimus. In terms of the coloring pages I like to share on Sundays, there are a few that are interesting. One that I discovered is rather strange, but it is also the best one; many if not all of the other black and white images are of Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, or are not intended to be coloring pages. The size comparison chart at the Natural History Museum of London fact page could probably be used for coloring also. One other thing that should be noted on this family related day, is that there are many Suchomimus skeleton casts in museums; a trip to the museum and a picnic are great family activities of course. Some museums have a permanent display of Suchomimus while others, such as the Sternberg here in Hays, KS. had one on display while they housed the Giants: African Dinosaurs exhibition that has been traveling between museums since 2011; it was housed in the Sternberg during the summer of 2012 and I missed it due to my moving in and then settling in, total bummer.

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