STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 June 2013

Fukuisaurus for Everyone

The wary kind are more dangerous it seems.
Fukuisaurus, unlike Fukuiraptor, has a pretty good following in areas other than video games. It lacks, to my knowledge, the animatronic version of the animal, but it makes up for it in toys and models as well as in an appearance in not only the Dinosaur King games but also the animated series. Fukuisaurus has a small model on display, but it makes an appearance as a static model as well as a skeletal model (which are always fun with dinosaurs). Additionally, there are quite a few references in dinosaur encyclopedias and other dinosaur books which are interesting to read. One book that I did not expect to come across in my travels this week was the Standard Catalog of World Coins. Apparently if one had the desire to order money online, or travel to Japan and buy a 500 Yen coin there, one would be able to get a coin that has Fukuisaurus and Fukuiraptor both on it. It was designed as a local autonomy commemorative coin in 2010 for Fukui Prefecture; think of it as a similar program to the state quarters in the US (I am sure some other nations do the same sorts of things with their money now and then).

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