STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 June 2013

Gentle Paralititan

Sauropods are typically depicted as gentle giants. They were probably as aggressive as any modern animal toward a threat, but like many modern herbivores they were probably a little calmer than their predators. The depictions of certain dinosaurs as gentle giants goes a long way toward making them more kid friendly animals. That friendly image goes a long way, as can be evidenced by the number of kid friendly information pages. These pages range from public institutions to "citizen science" entries (like what we do here technically) to education dedicated sites; some of these are dinosaur centered sites. Regardless of the type of site there is a wealth of information out there to be found on Paralititan; some of it is duplicated between sites, but that is not a big deal. In terms of something to color for today there is nothing official to be used. Today would be a good day to play outside with some toys though. Playing in my limestone driveway when I was little was what really got me into fossils as there were bits of shell and other items in the rocks of my driveway all the time. Why not send the kids out to play in the wonderful weather, and if you do not have a fossil laden driveway, take some toys out!

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