STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 June 2013

Prowling for Beachgoers

©Walter Myers (
A number of papers have been written about research focusing on Suchomimus. Whether it is comparing the furcula of Suchomimus and Tyrannosaurus or announcing its discovery to the world (scroll down just a bit to the 2nd Sereno paper), Suchomimus has seen a bit of ink. It even appears in a respectable number of books. Fairly universal in the papers and the books is the consensus that Suchomimus is a unique genus with traits that set it apart from Baryonyx and other spinosaurs, but there are detractors to every hypothesis. This only proves that more evidence is needed to genuinely place Suchomimus beyond any doubt. More expeditions and research (and therefore money raising!) will have to be undertaken in order for that to happen. However, until that time, the beach going and probably quite piscivorous Suchomimus will continue to be one of the best represented and mildly debated spinosaurs in the family.

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