STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 July 2013

Happy to Visit

Juravenator, while not the most popular dinosaur, has made its presence known in video games, which is something of a marvel these days. I have never personally heard of this game until today, somehow, but it looks as though it would be pretty nifty and dinosaur-iffic. The only drawback I really see is that it looks a little slow paced, but that could just be the way it was being played. Juravenator also appears in a few dinosaur books, such as the Princeton Field Guide by Paul, where fishing is indicated as part of diet (we never mentioned that this week!), and Feathered Dinosaurs: The Origin of Birds by John Long. A very nifty illustration of Juravenator is also present in Martyniuk's Field Guide to Mesozoic Birds and Other Winged Dinosaurs; though there is not an entry on Juravenator itself, this wonderful piece appears in the opening chapter of text. I do not think I have mentioned that book much, but as a bird and dinosaur lover I have to say I really enjoy the "field guide-ness" of the book and that his style of illustration is pretty refreshing compared to many other illustrators out there that seem to emulate each other here and there.

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