STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 July 2013

In the Know

Paralititan is famous friends. So it would appear anyhow. Paralititan shows up as Spore creations, toys, video game bits, in documentaries (a pretty good synopsis here of the Planet Dinosaur episode), and in many other artistic ventures (one of my favorites: Paleo-King's illustration). Some of the best Paralititan videos are shown below:

Paralititan as a Spore creature. Well done overall, however the butt is way up in the air, which is a rather strange orientation any dinosaur, though a hadrosaur walking as a quadruped approaches this level of butt-in-air.

A small short made with video game models and some clever steering of the camera. Not bad given what was available to the creator of this short video. It does get a little choppy at times.

The last video is simply a review of dinosaur models. Camera work is a bit everywhere, but YouTube has kind of made everyone a potential director so some of the video makers forget to be cameramen before directors. The fact that this kid is this into dinosaurs makes everything okay with me though.

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