STL Science Center

STL Science Center

07 July 2013

Juravenator, Kid Sized Dinosaur

The image at the top of the Natural History Museum of London's fact page makes for a fairly good coloring page, though it is quite small and blowing it up may blur some of the lines. Not much else has been created solely for children in regards to Juravenator. That is sad news. The fact about this dinosaur is that it is small and though well known from the specimen that has been recovered from the ground, is not very popular. A life size replica would be little more than a toy, so most model companies that make dinosaurs have not made a replica of the little dinosaur, which rules out statues. Toy manufacturers may simply not be aware of the small animal or may have decided that there was no demand for such an unrecognized dinosaur in their toy market. Regardless of the reasons, Juravenator makes up a very tiny amount of child-friendly knowledge of dinosaurs.

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