STL Science Center

STL Science Center

16 July 2013

Papers of the Zalmoxes

Zalmoxes, the poor unfortunate "unusual Euornithopod" has had some osteological and phylogenetic study done on it. That 2003 study by Weishampel, Jianu, Csiki, and Norman was the landmark paper that renamed Rhabdodon robustus as Zalmoxes robustus and identified a second species as Zalmoxes shqiperorum. Thankfully Dr. Weishampel is nice enough to host his own papers so we can read the entire paper, all 59 pages, of the in depth anatomical description of Zalmoxes and how it differs, and is thus officially distanced, from Rhabdodon. The matrices and characters are included, which is always nice to have, so that the systematists amongst us can really look at the characters that were analyzed. The osteology of newer specimens has also been discussed, this time only for Z. shqiperorum though. The 2009 paper discusses a new fossil site in Transylvania, Romania and the specimens of Z. shqiperorum that had been unearthed from that location.

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