STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 July 2013

Paralititan Planet

I suppose we cannot really say they owned the planet, though they did take a pretty big space in it, considering that they were rather enormous dinosaurs. Paralititan is a somewhat minor character in Planet Dinosaur's episode "New Giants". Due to this and the fact that the BBC regulates what can be seen in America online (certain countries are denied the ability to view clips on the BBC's website), it is pretty hard to find a quality clip from the show to share here today. There are some substandard clips (recorded from the television, not recorded on television) out there as well as tribute videos. There are wireframe models out there available for purchase that are shown in videos, but they are not that great overall. If you happen to catch any re-airings of Planet Dinosaur or live in a country where clips are allowed by the BBC check that out, if not, you may just have to make due with the second hand recording of Paralititan to see it on video.

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