STL Science Center

STL Science Center

25 July 2013

The Saddest Day

Taken from, which was taken from elsewhere. If anyone knows the original illustrator please let me know. It may be based off of Scott Hartman's skeleton, but it is not the one he has posted on his site.
In one of the most miserable turns of popularity for a dinosaur, Torvosaurus was reignited in the public imagination recently when a Torvosaurus nest was announced as having been discovered in Portugal in 2005. The nest and the scientific importance of such a find aside, it was a sad discovery as well. Not only were their crushed eggs in the nest but there were also embryonic/hatchling bones in the mix. The discovery did paint an amazing portrait of the evolutionary position of Torvosaurus as a primitive theropod though. The Torvosaurus eggs were protected by a single layer of shell material whereas other dinosaurs create up double layer shells and birds typically lay eggs with three layers of shell. We have seen, though, that Torvosaurus was somewhat famous prior to this announcement; it did appear in a very key role in an episode of Dinosaur Revolution after all. It also appeared in cartoon form in Dinosaur King (4KidsTV did not post this episode but it is on YouTube anyway in a series of videos). The Dinosaur King card game has a fairly impressive assortment of Torvosaurus cards also. Toys exist as well, of course, as we expect with a well known dinosaur.

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