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STL Science Center

23 July 2013

Torvosaurus Gets Inked

©Dmitry Bogdanov
Torvosaurus has been mentioned in a few studies. Obviously the paper naming the dinosaur describes Torvosaurus; that should be understood without having to be said.What does exist additionally, though, is very nice in the way of research and additional materials to learn more about Torvosaurus. The Portuguese find of Torvosaurus is well documented as is its attribution to the genus Torvosaurus; at a page and a half it is also concise and gets quickly and directly to the point of comparing the Portuguese tibia to other dinosaurs discovered in Portugal as well as the Colorado material of Torvosaurus. James Jensen, one of the original authors, further described Torvosaurus and the contemporary fauna in a paper on Uncompaghre dinosaur fauna (Uncompaghre is the 6th tallest peak  in Colorado and the formation refers to plateau area around the peak as well). Jensen's paper on the fauna of the formation is short but concise and, as such, is not heavily detailed but does provide a good overview of Torvosaurus' neighbors and landscape. Additionally, Jensen raises the family Torvosauridae in this paper.

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