STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 July 2013

Torvosaurus on the Little Screen

Torvosaurus is one of those dinosaurs that was chosen to appear in the short series Dinosaur Revolution. The reviews on Dinosaur Revolution are mixed, but I feel that an educated mind can see both the fantasy of Hollywood as well as the science and take things with a grain of salt while doing their own research to double check the facts; though I know that the majority of the world does not double check facts of television shows and I am perhaps a little idealistic when it comes to assuming that people watching documentaries further research that which they see on television. As is sometimes done with television, the Torvosaurus and an Allosaurus in the episode are given immensely constructed and complex back stories, somewhat anthropomorphizing the dinosaurs. The Torvosaurus is portrayed as the more evil or bad of the two and sympathy is created for the Allosaurus and, in the way of many documentaries and shows with animals that are characterized in human ways, the "bad guy" ends up being run off or dies; like I stated before, there is a grain of salt approach to watching shows like this. Regardless, there are two relevant clips for today from the episode that show a model of Torvosaurus in action. The first is above and depicts the supposed battle between a Torvosaurus and an Allosaurus. The second is sort of a montage of Torvosaurus hunting sauropods called Dinheirosaurus.

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